This apartment is an example of a few that we have undertaken in various bustling cities. Multiple identities and cultures jostled for space in these properties : that of the city , that of the building itself and that of personal space.

In considering how to turn these spaces into homes, our aim was to create a very individual , distinct place while respecting the city and its encompassing landscape. The ever-changing patterns in the sky, the ephemeral weather , the city lights all form the backdrop.

The concept of home within these imposing structures is redefined as an integral part of a larger, shared realm, distinct from the privacy of a freestanding house. One must navigate several thresholds before reaching the personal sanctuary. Consequently, particular emphasis is placed on engaging the senses – tactile, olfactory, and visual – during the design process.

Our recurring desire to embed nature within a space is transformed in this context, manifesting through the thoughtful selection of earthy hues, organic carpet designs, and natural materials that evoke a connection with the natural world.

A room with a large window overlooking a city.
A bedroom with a large window overlooking a city.
A dining room with a view of the city.
A red flower is sitting on a shelf in a room.
A living room with a large mirror and a couch.
A bedroom with a large bed and a view of the city.
A modern room with a black cabinet and a vase.
A modern living room with a desk and bookshelves.