An image of a wood map showcasing modern design.

Timeless design

Map Projects was founded by Pasquale Amodio and Randa Hanna in 2002 with a simple mission to put good design at the centre of all that they do. As architects and designers their ethos is founded on timeless design principles.

Regardless of scale, the art of building and how things are constructed is at the essence of every project. Be it a home, a gallery, furniture or a garden, the relentless focus on refining the detailing is what drives the practice: a belief in the tactile experience, of the composure of materials used, their durability and integrity in shaping spaces that exude warmth and sensuality.

This dedication extends beyond the projects themselves to the very fabric of the practice, encompassing their operational philosophy, collaborations with individuals, and the relationships they cultivate. Operating from London while engaging in international projects, the Map Projects team embodies a diverse, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural spirit. Shared design philosophies unite the team, but their collective appreciation for the human aspect of the practice and the art of construction is what truly defines their ethos.