Grade 2

This project involved the seamless amalgamation of multiple apartments to create a sprawling single-family residence. The original Portland stone staircase, a striking architectural element, was skilfully restored and extended to span the entire length of the building. This intervention served a dual purpose – establishing a grand, dramatic entrance while introducing a steady stream of natural light into the previously dark core of the home.

To accommodate the complex mechanical, electrical, and audiovisual requirements of a contemporary luxury dwelling, bespoke wooden cladding systems were meticulously designed and integrated. These concealed service zones adeptly housed all the necessary equipment while allowing the remaining living spaces to maintain an airy, uncluttered ambiance, free from visual distractions.

A hallway with a wooden staircase and wooden railing.
A staircase in a white house with a gold railing.
An ornate stair railing in a house.
A spiral staircase with a wooden railing.
A close up view of a stair in a building.
A staircase in a house with ornate railings and wooden understair cupboard
A stairway with a wooden railing and a window.
A white cabinet with a wooden cabinet and a gold door.
A room with a staircase and a wooden door.
A close up of a wooden door handle.
A hallway in a house with wooden walls.
A hallway with wooden walls and a window.
A close up of a wooden door knob.
A room with a wooden desk and a window.
A room with wooden cabinets and a window.
A bathroom with a sink, mirror and lighting.
A modern bathroom with wooden cabinets and a sink.
An open closet in a room with wood floors.