Designed around the owner’s impressive art collection, this project’s challenge was creating a comfortable living space where the artworks would complement everyday life without making the apartment feel like an art gallery.

To achieve this delicate balance, meticulous attention was paid to the tactility of materials, strategic use of fabric textures, and a carefully curated colour palette. These elements played a pivotal role in creating a warm feel that served as the perfect backdrop for the artworks. Thoughtful lighting design further accentuated the art, allowing them to be appreciated without dominating the living spaces.

We designed custom furniture pieces to not only accommodate the practical needs of daily life but also to define different zones within the open layout. These bespoke pieces combined storage, seating, and display elements – blurring the line between functional design and pure aesthetics.

A living room with a piano.
A wooden bench in front of a painting.
A living room with two chairs and a piano.
A hallway with wooden doors and a bench.
A bedroom with a bed in the middle of the room.
A hallway with paintings hanging on the wall.
A doorway leading into a room with a couch and curtains.
A living room with a brown couch and a coffee table.
A narrow hallway with bookshelves.
A room with a piano and bookshelves.