Used for many years as offices, this house was comprehensibly redesigned with the focus based around the quotidian life of its owners and the way they experience and navigate the spaces.

We tailored every architectural and interior design element to seamlessly facilitate the clients’ unique lifestyle. This bespoke process extended to crafting custom furniture pieces that addressed their precise needs and aesthetic sensibilities.

Challenging traditional layout conventions, we positioned the main living spaces to open onto a newly landscaped rear garden oasis. Despite its compact footprint, this verdant outdoor sanctuary provides a peaceful respite in a busy city.

A living room with a fireplace and bookshelves.
A couch in a room with a painting on the wall.
A living room with white furniture and a coffee table.
A living room with a blue couch and a fireplace.
A room with a grey wall and a book on a table.
A bathroom with a marble sink and mirror.
A modern bathroom with wooden cabinets and marble counter tops.
A gym room with wood walls and a glass ceiling.
A wooden shelf with lights and a bowl on it.
A dining room with a wooden table and chairs.
A living room with a yellow table and chairs.
A wooden door.