This Grade I listed Nash building had fallen into disrepair over time. Through a meticulous restoration process the main house’s original grandeur was revived while seamlessly integrating modern interventions that complemented the interior’s stately elegance.

A key intervention involved opening up the rear by introducing a striking new spiral staircase and sleek glass extension. These contemporary additions enhanced natural light, spatial flow, and harmoniously accentuated the grand proportions. The spiral staircase, with its graceful curves and open design, serves as a striking focal point, while the glass extension provides a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces, further emphasising the notion of openness and connection with the surrounding landscape.

A staircase with wrought iron railings and a wooden handrail.
A white entryway with arched doors and a staircase.
A hallway with a staircase and wrought iron railing.
A doorway leading to a dining room.
A room with green chairs and a staircase.
A large white Nash Terrace house in London.
A black and white tiled walkway in front of a building.
A staircase in a house with arched windows.
A spiral staircase in a house with metal railings.
A spiral staircase with black wood and metal railing.
A rack of wine bottles in a dark room.
A wine cellar with many bottles of wine.
A hallway leading to a room with wood floors and an archway.
A bathroom with glass shower doors and marble walls.
A garden with stone steps leading to a garden.
A living room with a yellow couch and bookshelves.
A white door leads to a garden in the middle of a house.
A spiral staircase in a modern home.