This residence underwent a complete renovation, with only the exterior walls and building structure left intact after we stripped it down to the bones. Our focus was on creating open flow between spaces and connecting the different areas seamlessly.

The staircase, originally ringed by a steel balustrade, was reimagined with gently curving fiberglass to soften what had been a very harsh linear element.

Careful attention to finishing details throughout the interiors allowed us to achieve a harmonious elegance that contributes to the peaceful atmosphere of the home. Working on multiple design aspects simultaneously enabled a cohesive style that ties the whole place together.

A living room with wood paneling and a spiral staircase.
A curved staircase in a white house with bookshelves.
A staircase in a white house with a painting on the wall.
A staircase in a modern home with a gold finish.
An image of a spiral staircase in a building.
A living room with wooden walls and a staircase.
A modern home office with bookshelves and a table.
A glass door leads into a living room.
A room with bookshelves and a glass door.
A living room with a grey couch and a lamp.
A living room with a brown couch and bookshelves.
A room with a wooden floor and a pilates room.
A room with a wooden floor and mirrors.
A couch in a living room with a lamp on it.
A bedroom with a white bed and light colored walls.